Infected Wounds? How to recognize and Treat them.


A wound is said to be infected if:

1. The wound becomes red, swollen, hot and painful.

2. The wound has pus.

3. The wound begins to smell bad.

The infection is spreading to other parts of the body if:

1. It causes fever.

2.There is a red line above the wound.

3.The lymph nodes become swollen.

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NOTE: Swollen lymph nodes behind the ear points to infection of the head.

A swollen node in the armpit indicates an infection of the arm, head or breast.

A swollen node below the jaw indicates an infection of the teeth or throat.

A swollen node in the groin indicates an infection of the foot or genitals.

Treatment of infected wounds

Hold an infected hand or foot in a bucket of warm water with soap or povidine iodine.

If the wound is severe or the person has not been vaccinated against tetanus, use an antibiotic like Penicillin.

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Keep the infected part at rest.

Warning: If the wound has a bad smell, if brown or gray liquid oozes out or if the skin around it turns black and forms air bubbles seek, medical attention. This post markings the opening  of a category in this blog, the home remedy category, I am sure you will find the posts  filled under this category useful.




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