Birth control: Unusual ways to avoid getting pregnant


Birth control as the practice of preventing unwanted pregnancy by the use of contraceptives such as condoms, contraceptive pills and other methods like breastfeeding method, rhythm method and mucus method. Some religion have been against any form of birth control except trying not to have sex together, lately increasing number of religious leaders has come to realize how important it is to health and well being of families.

Today we will be looking at the various methods of preventing pregnancy, the good, the bad and the ugly side of each of them. Is it safe? This is the question people ask each time birth control is mentioned women should of all people realize the risk of serious illness or death resulting from pregnancy is many times greater than the risk involved in using any of the common methods of birth control.

Africans take life so sacred and do not give room for termination of pregnancies through abortion as we see in foreign countries, therefore couples be it married or singles should have knowledge of birth control.

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Breast feeding: This method of birth  control is widely used without women even realizing its effect, while a woman breast feeds a baby the chances of her taken in during that period is small, so far as the woman practice exclusive breast feeding.

The good: The good news here is that there is no danger this pose to your health.

Birth control pills: They are made of chemicals (hormones) that normally occur in a woman’s body. The pills alter the body’s way of secretion thereby preventing pregnancy.

The Good: the good news here is that birth pills has proven over the years to be the most efficient and most effective method of avoiding pregnancy. It is worthy to note that women on pills bleed less in their monthly periods.

The bad: The bad side of this method is that the pills cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. This the point where most ladies get it wrong, therefore the use of condoms is advised here. Another bad side of this method is that some women on pills gets swelling in the breast, early morning sickness etc, but no need to panic because with time all these e will vanish.

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The Ugly: Like other medicines, birth control pills occasionally cause serious problem in some individuals. Example the blood clothing you see in women with smoking history (ladies take note)

Also people with certain health challenges like heart disease, urinary infection, hepatitis, stroke, varicose vein should not take pills. Recent studies show these health conditions are worsened by birth control pills.

The rhythm method: The method has been in existence for long now, but ladies and most men do not know or use this method. This method which works best with females with regular menstrual flow studies the menstrual cycle.

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Women stands a chance of getting pregnant during the 8 days of her monthly cycle(her fertile Days)These 8 days come midway between her periods beginning 10 days after the first day of the menstrual bleeding. To avoid getting pregnant a woman should avoid sex with her man during these 8 days, but the rest of the day is vuola!!!!! winks


  1. Supposed your period begins on 5th day of May, count as day 1.
  2. Then count 10 days, starting with the 10th day, draw a line till the next 8 days.
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During these 8 fertile days, do not have sexual relations.

Rythm method,dietherapy247

The Bad: The bad news here is that this method is not guaranteed therefore should be combined with the mucus period.

The mucus method: This is a method where the woman examines the mucus in her vagina everyday to tell chances of getting pregnant. Take the mucus out of your vagina with a clean finger, try to make a stretch ,if the mucus is sticky like a paste then you are good to go but when the mucus is slippery then don’t have sex because you might taken in .

NOTE: Of all the above methods mentioned none expect the use of condom can protect you from sexually transmitted disease.




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