Dangers of Holding Back Your Pee (Ignoring Nature Call)


Most of the time I get the nature call to ease myself, I dismiss the call due to the situation at hand, either am too busy at the moment, the bathroom is too far from where I am or I want to save myself that embarrassing moment where someone gets to see my joystick,LOL.I do all this without knowing the danger this very act pose to my health, this stopped when I came  across an article  by a  colleague and I gained a lot from it, now am happy to share with you so you learn too.

The human bladder (adult) can hold as much as two full tea sized cups of pee before the urge to pee comes. The human body knows how much to hold in the bladder and when the fluid in the bladder is much, receptors sends the brain signals to tell that the bladder is full. The moment we receive this signal by the stretch receptors we dismiss the signals because we are too busy, not knowing that our actions and decision comes with consequences.

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1. Weaker bladder muscles: When you make it a habit to hold in you pee for a long time, the bladder muscles that contract to closely tighten the bladder, stopping urine from leaking through the urethra will get weaker, When this act continues definitely urine retention will occur. Urine retention means a condition of not being able to empty the bladder well causing the individual to urinate more often than normal.

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2. Urinary Tract Infection: Urine and mostly especially the human urine contains germs made up mostly of bacteria. When one holds in his/her pee for a long period of time, the risk of urinary tract infection from bacteria is increased.

3. Cystitis: This is urine infection in the bladder common in women, caused by irritation and inflammation of the bladder. An individual with cystitis urinates frequently. They feel burning sensation as well as pain around the abdomen as they urinate. Kindly add swelling of the bladder to the list of already mentioned dangers.

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Bear in mind that the urge to urinate comes but this doesn’t mean that one have to urinate immediately when the urge comes hell no!!!!! one can hold it back till he/she finds a better place to pee, what I stress here is holding that pee back for a long time even when a perfect spot is secured.

Henceforth I advice you do away with that habit of holding back your pee for long because the dangers are scary, be also reminded that the bladder and kidney are very vital organs in our body and requires utmost care to keep them healthy.


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